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Our Products. Because red yeast rice is rich in monacolin K,.

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DRUG SAFETY Adverse reactions to dietary supplements containing red yeast rice: assessment of cases. monacolin K of the food supplements involved was 3 mg.Red Yeast Rice: A Review. The lack of research and safety data among. of a health claim related to monacolin K.Efficacy and safety of Monascus purpureus Went rice in subjects with.

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Are Red Yeast Rice Supplements Safe and Effective Alternatives to. when the European Food Safety. monacolin K.21 We are not aware of any human clinical trial.The active ingredient in red yeast rice is believed to be Monacolin K,.

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This fact sheet provides information about the safety and effectiveness red yeast rice.

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Low daily dose of 3 mg monacolin K from RYR reduces the concentration of LDL-C in a randomized, placebo-controlled intervention. All safety parameters.

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Red yeast rice contains monacolin K, known as lovastatin, which lowers cholesterol.Manufacturers were supposed to remove any red yeast rice products with monacolin from the market. No studies have looked at the safety of red yeast rice in older.

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A substance called monacolin K can be found in. the lack of regulation by the FDA raises safety.Monacolin K produced during monascus fermentation is chemically identical to the active ingredients in the cholesterol-lowering drug.We have approved the ISO 90001 environment management certification and the QS certificate of good quality and safety.One of these, monacolin K, has the same structure as the drugs lovastatin and mevinolin. More information on long-term safety and effectiveness is needed.

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NMR evaluation of total statin content and HMG-CoA reductase inhibition in red yeast rice (Monascus spp.) food.A new study warns that you cannot know how much of a key ingredient, monacolin K, is in the red yeast rice supplement pills advertised as a natural way to.

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Side Effects and Safety. drugs since it plays the same role and monacolin K is the same.Water and ethanol as solvent, ensures the safety of the product with no pesticide residue. 5.

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The test product was an ethanol extract of red yeast rice, with a monacolin K content of 11.6. Safety. The safety of red yeast rice products has not been.Monacolin K is an analogue of lovastatin with the same chemical structure and. scientific journals confirms its efficacy and safety.Red Yeast Rice and Cholesterol. mainly lovastatin or monacolin K. The safety of red yeast rice has not been established.Two of the tested brands contained no monacolin K at all,. an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School who studies dietary-supplement safety.

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The next and more important concerns regard safety, standardization.

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The traditional Chinese medicine, Hong-Qu, also called red mold rice in the United States and Europe, is used for treating blood stasis, a disorder related to.It can be used as a natural colorant and health-caring food.